Excavations at La Encarnación (Mellanes, Zamora)

The Archaeological Society Zamora Protohistorica will undertake excavations during the month of August at the La Encarnación site (Mellanes, Zamora), a hilltop of unknown chronologies never dug before!


We don't charge anything to volunteers, we just ask them to get their own flights and bus/train to Zamora, our rendevouz point -both train and bus stations-. From there transport will be provided to Rabanales.


Site Location: Mellanes, Rabanales, Zamora (Spain)



  • 6th to 17th of August
  • 20th to 31st of August

Application Deadline: 22nd July.


Experience required: None, although previous experience will be considered.


Accommodation and food: All provided. We'll be staying in Rabanales, 4 km from site. Transportation will be provided.


The site: El castro de la Encarnación is an untouched hilltop that can predate as far as the Early Iron Age/Late Iron Age to the High Medieval Ages, as this kind of settlements are used alike in all those centuries. The plan for this first campaign is to acquire enough elements to stablish a rough chronology of the site and begin uncovering interesting features that can serve for future projects for the community.


Other activites: Aside the field work some post-ex duties will be undertake in the afternoons. Also in the weekends we will organise visits to other sites and points of interest within the Zamora province.


We don't charge anything to volunteers, we try to compensate their effort and hard work in exchange of our experience and the possibility of working in a brilliant unexcavated site.


Applicants must send the application letter and their cv to zamoraprotohistorica@gmail.com before the 22nd of July.



Application for La Encarnación
Application La Encarnación 2018.doc
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